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( Jun. 9th, 2012 01:02 pm)
Putting aside what happened Monday, last post, today I ran the OK5k at Virginia Wesleyan. Despite major slacking due to the ever increasing temperature as summer settles in, I think I did alright. 5k PR, again, and took 2nd place for Women 20-29.

Was a fun race, but not really feeling a report in me, so highlights:

* Was my first trail race, kinda awkward having to slow down to avoid tripping in some places and stumbled a bit in the grass field part due to hidden holes. :\ But, the difficulty makes me feel better about my time, so... okay!

* At the awards, indoors, everyone sat at random, small round, tables. Despite this, all the winners for my age group ended up at the same table, lol.

* Saw a lot of the same people from the Elizabeth River Run there. Granted, they advertised this there, but still...

* Watermelon! <3


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