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( Nov. 27th, 2012 02:40 am)
* Currently my hair is black through most of it, black at the roots, and then there's this light brown/red color mostly around the top/front. I didn't dye it, so I apparently ran/biked/whatever'd around enough this past summer for the sun to bleach it, weird.(that or I'm one of those animals who changes colors with the season, as this has happened before during less active years, always starts at the top/roots and goes until it takes up about 6-7" of hair then starts growing dark again)

* On a related note, running tanlines. The sock lines are the worst, heels are to be worn with stockings until further notice. XP

* Saw an animal hanging around the house the other night that I thought was a fox, it was dark but it was too big to be a cat and didn't seem like a dog but close? ...until I saw it jump/climb a 6ft. high fence. Can foxes do that?

* Work has been kinda sucky lately, send help! Srsly though, new dude, knock it off. Also, S, I know you hate new dude but you going on about how much you hate him for hours on end is making you unbearable. Geez...


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