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( Dec. 17th, 2008 02:37 am)
I kind of squeaked when I saw it at the store(I've fallen behind with the group I normally get my Bat-toy news from so I wasn't expecting it)...

The Dark Knight!Two Face! At last! The only issue I have is the cheap quality of it, *ponders* I'm sure there's supposed to be a better version(that isn't the 1/6th) coming out as well. I'll need to look into that.
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( Aug. 1st, 2008 05:50 am)

After seeing the Dark Knight for the fifth time last night (don't look at me like that! When someone comes to your door and says 'hey, we're leaving in 5 min. to see the Dark Knight in IMAX, want to come?' You go. When your mother calls and says 'want to see the Dark Knight with me? My treat!' You go. When.... well, you get the picture) I got an idea. Tonight, after finishing my MGC entry I got to work on it...

Details under cut )
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( Jul. 20th, 2008 01:32 am)

The Dark Knight has set the record for the largest opening day ever at $66.4 million on Friday alone. 
Hells yeah.

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( Jul. 18th, 2008 05:15 am)

WAS FUCKING AWESOME. *can't stop smiling* ;p
I'll write a review after I see it again later in the day. 


6 hr. and 15 minutes to go!!!!!
Not sure if it's the caffine, wearing my Harley shirt(which always makes me act hyper), or just months of excitement reaching towards critical mass... but I can't sit still. The movie is going to be epic.

*is off to watch episodes of B:TAS and do face painting*

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( Jul. 17th, 2008 06:10 am)
*ring* *ring*
Gargoylekitty: *picks up phone cautiously* Yes?
Ma mere: You should go to K-Mart, they have a lot of Batman stuff on sale.
Gargoylekitty: Okay! *hangs up and goes*

Now, I wasn't expecting much though I certainly wasn't expecting this...

Movie Masters Joker! <3<3<3
The same figure that's been sold out everywere since it came out over a month ago and K-Mart had 3! I bought 2(one for me and one for sale or opening, haven't decided yet). Between that, getting Flinch #11, and watching Batman: Unmasked on the history channel last night, my day was made.

In other news... 18 hours until TDK!!!! *dies of glee*

No one thought they'd do it. It was all about selling tickets so why would they ever do it. Yet... they did. They not only gave away free tickets to IMAX showings of TDK but free tickets to IMAX showings scheduled 3 days before the release date. Alas, I live no closer than 8 hr from the nearest one. *le sigh*
((oh, and fyi: they're 'sold out' by this point))

To top off the bad luck category there was also a viral call today, apparently you hear the bank heist and the Joker laugh, and I missed it on account of having my teeth drilled. Oi vey. Oh well, I'll still be seeing it at midnight on the 18th. *goes off to pick out outfit to go with the face paint*

It was kind of lame...

...though in the immortal words of BriDog72, "Whatever happens, I love you guys." lmao. 
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( Jul. 8th, 2008 02:38 am)

Oh and the Gotham Knight DVD is coming out today along with today being the day of the Citizens for Batman event at 10PM in Chicago & NY:
 In other viral/TDK news there's another countdown going on with the Joker side of things:
That time however is set to go off at 10PM on the 10th. Alas I have work that day. *sigh*

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( Jul. 1st, 2008 01:49 am)

The site's updated with a checklist including all the events thus far. 
To the side of the list is another list with all the websites found in the viral and all around the check list are clickable items that lead to Gotham City Police reports about each of the events.
With only three items left on the checklist and 18 days left until the movie comes out I have a feeling things are really going to speed up now.
*can't wait*

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( Jun. 30th, 2008 11:04 pm)

Lookie what I got in the mail today from Citizens for Batman...

A message from CFB indicating something's going to happen on July 8th
2 CFB Bumper stickers
2 round stickers
A pin
A keychain 

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( Jun. 27th, 2008 08:25 pm)

Is all mine!
While I would love to own a Hot Toys Joker figure I gave in and got this, being more practical $$$-wise and sizewise. Ahem, not to say that if the chance to nab a Hot Toys TDK Joker came up I wouldn't get it. I mean have you seen it? *drools* 

In other news: I'm finally going to get to see the Incredible Hulk tonight. Yay.

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( Jun. 18th, 2008 09:40 pm)

Both gifts from my little sis, who works at Domino's Pizza.
I'm now thinking that I should make a effort to trade one of my issue #2 Gotham Times for a #1 to make for a complete set. 
Oh and on the bottom of those two boxes:


EDIT: Got back early

(see: title)
In honor of such I jokerized my icon:

And, on a sidenote, here's the online prize from the last Viral:
Also, there's a new site:
Username:nycticeius Password:merritt 

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( Jun. 10th, 2008 01:51 am)


Oh and I got another address in Gotham City.
District: The Meadows
Street address: 1835 Second ave 
So I am now registered under two addresses in Gotham City, this one and the one in Gantry.
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( Jun. 9th, 2008 05:24 pm)

Got this e-mail from the Harvey Dent for DA campaign:
It's been an incredible last few weeks. Ever since the vicious smear campaign collapsed and Harvey Dent's remarkable courage at the hostage crisis at Rossi's Deli, our campaign has ridden a wave of support I have never seen in all my political life.

Our Headquarters reopened and thousands of volunteers show up here every day, every night, fighting for change. Fundraising has reached incredible heights, with over 100,000 Gotham citizens contributing their hard-earned money in support of Harvey Dent's vow to take back Gotham.

We've expanded our reach, opening branches in neighborhoods that haven't seen political campaigns take them seriously for decades. And we've harnessed the incredible grassroots support by sending volunteers to knock on doors throughout the city. Amazingly, we will achieve our two millionth door knock sometime in between now and Election Day.

Harvey Dent has committed himself to lead the charge to take back our city, face down the criminal and corrupt and restore hope for our future.

Now, we need your help. We need to get out the vote!. And we need you to vote yourself. If you can't make it to the polls, go to and find out how you can vote online. Working together, we will take back Gotham!

Allan Cypes
Media Manager

And you can now register at:
I'm registered now, just waiting for the e-mail back so I can vote. *scorns having to go to work*

In Joker news those with Joker phones just got messages asking them if they're ready for the next round of games. *feels excited*

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( May. 29th, 2008 06:13 am)


That said, there's also been news of those with Joker phones getting their accounts reactivated w/ $30. Every time it's happened in the past it was a sign that something was going to happen in the next week or two. Can't wait to see what it is this time, as while I know the Gotham election for DA is coming up in June (vote Harvey Dent!) I can't help but feel there's going to be something more.

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( May. 15th, 2008 10:45 pm)

First off there was the revealing of the roller coaster based off the movie, The Dark Knight. A video showing it can be viewed here:
While the visuals of the thing look cool and all, the ride itself, with the 'slow enough for people of all ages' and soundbites from a bunch of older parents and their tiny terrors, doesn't exactly give me the boost of confidence that makes me want to run out to a Six Flags(if there was one here) and be the first in line.

On another semi-TDK related note, *looks around grinning evily*, 
lookie what I got in the mail today from a certain member of SG:



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