Rather light week, which is good with me being relieved of my job as of Friday. I got Teen Titans: Lost Annual, Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland #5, Green Arrow and Black Canary #4, and JLA: Classified #50. I've read the first three so here's the reviews...


Okay so I visited Trilogy today and picked up what they'd run out of at Fantasy Escape along with a few others I'd missed from not visiting Trilogy in a while. On top of this I read a bit more of what I got yesterday. So here we go...

Annual Batman #26: Awwww, little Damian is such a damn brat, though this aside(or possibly apart of it) I actually enjoyed this one alot. Despite Talia not being one of my favorite Batman female character I just... I really can't describe why I liked this one so much. It was just good. Yeah, that's it... good.

Wonder Woman #12: Okay so there really wasn't much to it and after the first few times Everyman changes your getting alittle 'WTF' with who's who and such yet I was alright with it. I guess. I don't understand why they decided that Tom isn't going to remember Diana Prince is Wonder Woman, seems like alot could have come out of that. Oh wells.

Teen Titans #50: I laughed, I cried(not really), I scratched my head a bit. The art was a bit wonky but the Kid Flash rememberances seriously had me cracking up laughing, and drawing a few stares from the people at Starbucks. On the other end of the stick, you see all the top name heros getting attacked/abducted(?) and in the end well... WTF? Eh? Hmmmm... and that's all I have to say on that(for now)

Things on my 'to read' list: The Four Horsemen #1, Vampirella Quarterly, Tank Girl: The Gifting #3, Batman Confidential #8, Hack/Slash #4, Grimm Fairy Tales: Return To Wonderland #2, & The Complete Bite Club(probably just take this one to work with me tonight).

With that out of the way more thoughts on Amazon's Attack #6...
ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Granny Goodness are you fucking kidding me?! What.....the....hell?! Blah. Damn you all.


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