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( Nov. 16th, 2012 03:23 pm)
Life stuff
* I have no clue how my coworkers manage sometimes. My one coworker makes as much as me, sometimes even fewer hours, is a single mom w/ two kids, and is about to get kicked out of her apartment. Gods, I wish I could help her(think I'm going to talk hours with her and see if she wants some of mine, I've got money saved. Either way, I've already got unopened toys from my collection I'm gonna give her kids for the holidays. Her daughter's into Monster High and her son into superheroes, perfect!).

* Three weeks in and my brother is reporting he's lost 9lb. already in boot camp. Brb, sending him more Powerbars, lol. Though apparently they did feed them lobster and steak for the USMC's birthday. Guess there was some benefit to him going earlier(original ship date would have been Nov. 11th)

* Speaking of, gotta poolee function tomorrow to celebrate that(late, as ball and parties were going on last week). Cake, ceremony thing, and a 92-year old vet to talk to us about the war.

* Possibly TMI: Took out my nipple piercings after five years of having them and, goddamn, feels weird seeing my boobs sans metal.

Running stuff
* Ran the marathon Sunday, it is now Friday and they still haven't posted the results. First they said Monday, then moved it to Thursday, and now they say today... we'll see. For a marathon that seems to want to compete with Richmond and OBX, they're really fucking up with this.

* Likely gonna sign up for the Seashore Nature Trail 50K. It'd, obviously, be my first ultramarathon and is in a month. I think I could manage it, just keep up training.

* Bought new running shoes yesterday. Basically brought my old pair and was all "just give me the same exact ones", lol. These, for reference. Love 'em.


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