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( Feb. 10th, 2008 03:57 am)

Got the Martian Manhunter three pack today on top of dicovering that while alittle pricer K-Mart is a surplus of JLU/DC toys I have yet to see anywhere else. It pleases me and alarms my wallet. I also found them to have the 10" JL figures I missed out on. At the first one they only had Green Arrow (blah) though the second one yeilded a Batman. *grins*

In other news... ummm... I got nothing. Oh wells.

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( Dec. 30th, 2007 07:58 pm)
Right now I have two Batmans, Joker, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Superman, Huntress, and Atom. Aka, hardly any.

Now I don't care about getting them all but I really want...
Fire/Ice/Green Lantern (been looking for awhile)
Parasite/Stargirl/Aquaman (haven't seen)
Superman/Star Saphire/Sand (haven't seen)
Big Barda/Deadshot/Martian Manhunter (I would beat someone over the head to have)
Darkseid/Mr Miracle/Orion (haven't seen)
Booster Gold 

*le sigh* Is that so much to ask for? 
I'm also thinking of getting one of the six packs with Grodd and/or Lex.


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