It's so pretty!!!!
I want this as a poster! If not I'm getting all the Gotham Underground, as they come out, framing them, and hanging them on my wall like a giant weird puzzle.... On second thought that might be better than a poster, ne?

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( Oct. 30th, 2007 03:00 am)
I swear I'll be more timely on the 31st review(as in it will be up that day or Thursday), I've just been busy lately so here we go. A rather heavy week, haven't gotten near finished, I got Action Comics #857, The Walking Dead #43, Gotham Underground #1, Countdown 27, Velocity, The Umbrella Academy #2, JLA Classified #45, Green Arrow #6, Fables #2, Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters #2, and The Death of the New Gods #1. I've only read the first five and last two. This will cover the first five, let's begin...

My final 'Countdown' )  

Damn that Velocity is fast... )

Another Bat/Gotham-Title *joy* )

The dead! They're WALKING! AHHHH!!! )

This am Akshion Comixs, I are hating Akshion Comics.  )


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