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( Mar. 2nd, 2012 10:41 pm)
Felt like trying to keep track of the books I read this year, granted it's already a little fuzzy since I'm not exactly sure where some cut off between last year and this year(trimmed out anything there's even a chance I actually started in December though, just to be sure).

That said...
Books read in 2012 )

Recommendations always welcome! I like zombies, dystopian/post-apocalyptic worlds, lesbian fluff, female main characters, not ignoring the existence of POC/queer folks/ect., horror, monsters of all sorts, mythology and some urban fantasy, queer reimagings, and 1950s-style parody/noir.

Holy fuck, Animorphs. It was the first series that I really, actively collected in books. I remember the first one I ever read was the one with Jake turning into a fly on the cover, it was a yellow cover. There I was minding my own damn bussiness and next thing I know I see this title and my elementary school self goes 'oh, that's awesome' and before I knew what hit me I was hooked. If I wanted to talk fandom I'd say that Gargoyles was probably my first ever and Animorphs was my second. I was into other things too, of course, but those were the ones I really got into.

So yeah, I was hooked. This was when we lived in CT and before the bulk of the series was out yet so I pretty much actively collected each book as it came out for quite sometime(I think they came out every other month or something like that). I remember being on a family vacation in Nebraska(grandfather lived there) and dragging my mother around the tiny town in search of the newest book. I remember being the only kid in my class in CT who could name all the characters winning me a small prize in library trivia. I remember this kid when I moved to VA who I was competive with in who would get the new book first, I always thought he kind of looked like Jake. I remember slightly slashing Rachel/Cassie and Marco/Jake before I really knew wtf slash was. I remember being excited about the TV series and then being sad that it lacked the epicness it could have been.

Alas the author got a bit lazy toward the end and I stopped when the reading got really unbearable(right after they met the girl andalite), you could tell Applegate didn't seem to care about the series anymore. It's okay though as I hear the ending sucked and Rachel died, so fuck that...


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