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( Sep. 27th, 2008 05:12 pm)

I got my '24' shirt in the mail today. It is sad yet badass despite it's florescant orange appearance.

My internet went down due to the storm for a little bit there, so now that's it's back I'll probably be scanning the firebending pose sheet when I get off work. Also found some of my year and older sketchbooks while cleaning and thinking of scanning some of that stuff just because it's amusing to see how much one's drawing abilities can change over time.

The last shirt for the Venture Brothers Shirt of the Week Club was pretty obvious if you've see the season finale.

Watch it here

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY?! Oh gods, why?!

Ahem... make sure you watch the part after the credits as well(though I'm sure I didn't have to mention it). While the twist wasn't that surprising, despite being enough to make me buy that Molotov tank top, the reveal is priceless.
Can't wait to see the shirt for this episode.

This week's 'Venture Brother's Shirt of the Week'...
I kind of like it, especially since the girl's is $2 less this week, though I'm also seriously conflicted on getting it simply because the girl's shirt is a tank top and I'm more of a 'thin straps/no straps/full-shirt' type person.

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( Aug. 17th, 2008 03:12 am)
1) I got my Dr. Girlfriend shirt in the mail today.

2) The newest episode was made of win.

While I would have liked a Guild(week 1) or Triad(last week) shirt, I missed the first and passed up on the latter. However this week's shirt is simply too good to pass up...

Dr. Girlfriend FTMFW!!!



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