Now with ~100% less "city".

Every Saturday my cousin and I, and on some occasions just me, would take the bus into the city and head over to the Golden Mango. There we'd pay 50 kuai to board a bus with a bunch of other folks and to head out to the countryside for a hash run. These pictures are from those Saturdays.
Wtf is a hash run and pics under cut )
Next few posts should be up a bit faster, XP
FFFFFFFFFFFFFF.... I accidentally deleted this post. Reposting.

Sorry for the lapse in posts, it being over a month since my last. Been busy(got a job, modeled for a life drawing group, started running more, drawing lots, overdosing on Asian programing, and so on). For the next photo post, I figured I'd focus on the place I spent, roughly, the most time, the city of Guangzhou.

Do people still use dial-up? This isn't safe for that. )


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