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( Feb. 21st, 2012 02:02 am)
My car's inspection was rejected and it'd take at least 1k to fix and even then was sure to break down again, so I decided to scrap it. Was my first car, so kinda woe over it being gone. RIP Domi. Fyi, its name was Dominique, as in Demona from Gargoyle's human name, lol. Was a '97 Pontiac Sunfire. Got it in 2006, came with 140k miles already on it and a CD player that never worked, but *sigh*

Now to begin the unpleasant task of figuring out my transportation situation. I mean, I bike to work and there's several strip malls in a 3-4 mile radius of my house, so it's not exactly like I'm completely stuck. Yet, anything outside that radius(movie theaters, library, clubs, most people I know's homes, clothing stores I actually like, grocery store that actually carries a lot of what I need, and so on...) is at least 12 miles away. Not the worst distance, but still... this area doesn't lend itself well to the vehicleless. Never mind that I'm supposed to visit my sister, a five hour drive, this weekend.

That said, cars are fucking expensive and I'm really not looking forward to draining my moving funds on this. Blah.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 09:17 pm)
I had a dream last night/this morning about scans_daily coming back to normal and being excited to make a post there. Can we tell what's been on my brain while online lately? Lol.

Anywho, I have an interview for Bushe Gardens tomorrow, though I'm not sure it'd be a good fit even if I did get it due to the drive. I also did some looking into information about joining the Air Force(ideally). Even spoke with my mother, who always told me her children won't be joining up, and she said she supports it and that if she didn't have me when she did she would have joined up. I still want to pursue a career in comics and art though for the immediate(re: 4 year) future I'm beginning to think this would be good. It'd at least give me some stability that my life currently lacks as well as other skills that could help me later on. Yes, there are some aspects that I don't find quite right for me(not being 100% open about my sexuality, possibly dealing with non-vegan options in training(is it weird to focus on that?), not being in school for now, putting some goals on the back burner for starters). Idk... I still have a lot to think over and look into.

Life woe aside, the Wonder Woman animated movie comes out tomorrow! Still wary though slightly excited.

ETA: Eep, I just remembered another thing to consider about joining the military. One of my former co-workers, who was also in the miltary at the time, told me that when he enlisted that they made him remove ALL of his piercings no matter if they could be covered or not. Is it weird that some other things might not be complete deal breakers but if that's true then I wouldn't even consider it anymore. *loves my work clothes-friendly bits of metal*


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