I was at work talking with my manager and a higher up when I started to feel really hungry, then I started to get nauseous, then my vision started getting fuzzy until I could no longer see but could still hear, then... I guess I fainted, passed out, whatever you want to call it.

Was all over really fast but they made me go to the doctor(at their expense, thankfully... they drew a lot of blood and stuff, so I can't imagine the cost), my coworker who's a former EMS nurse took me. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with me, just didn't eat enough/get enough water today, so the only real concern is about the back of my head having hit that concrete floor. Only time will tell there.

That said, goddamn, that was kinda scary. I mean, for most the hospital visit I couldn't stop shaking. Don't think it helped matters that the higher up guy at work, the first one to my side since he was right there, was freaking out over it and saying things like "it looked like you had a seizure, your eyes went all wide"(probably when everything went black and I was trying to see).

So yeah, most exciting short, four hour, shift to date.
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