* Got bitten by the Rizzles(Rizzoli & Isles) bug, lol. Just, why are they not a couple? So many random boyfriends just when you start to forget they're supposedly straight. Frustrating, but can it be November now?

* Watched Zarafa the other day. Gorgeous film, anyone else see it? Was all 'whoa'(good, but huh) over Bouboulina, like that Bouboulina? Still, recommend this!

* Swear Monster High is all over lately. Had a conversation about it with the person in line behind me and the cashier at the store the other day and then today my coworker and I chatted a bit about it. That said, Ghouls Rule Abbey is ridiculously pretty and I really hope the superhero-themed line will be plentiful and awesome.

* Miss writing, so many half-told tales.

* Gotta toss in a running note, but I find it weird just how much my idea of what is "fit" for me has changed over the past year or two. Running again, especially pushing further, has been amazing.


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