Going into this race was rough. I'd hurt my right knee in a bad way after the Military Challenge bringing much of my running to a halt and the week before the race I had two bike accidents damn near back to back, both inflicting pain on my left knee. On top of this, I was just plain tired. Had a heavy hours week at work, started going to PT and strength training more, was left to watch the dogs who turn out to be a handful for one person, coworker issues, project deadlines, and just so many other little things...

So, whine, whine, whine. But, still, I was confident I could at least finish.
13.1 take 2 )

Tentative upcoming race schedule:
36th Annual Fall Foliage Festival 10k- October 13th
Blue Moon Wicked 10k- October 27th
Freedom Marathon- November 11th


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