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( Oct. 15th, 2012 01:26 am)
* Visited my lil sis this past weekend and ran a 10k together(ish). I finished 20 minutes ahead of her, but it was still fun. Report incoming.

* Also while there, I met her boyfriend(kinda her first) making me the one who had to report on him to the rest of the family, lol. Dude is a giant, 6'2" and not scrawny, and I've found myself describing him as a cowboy!Thor(ish) in appearance and demeanor(granted, only meeting him long enough to have dinner).

* Also, also, went with her and her friend who was also visiting to the Virginia Safari Park, aka her work. She's one of the safari animal people. I got drooled on by a camel, my bucket stolen by a bison, pet all the baby llamas I could, called a blackbuck an asshole, and had all her coworkers be all 'whut' over finding out I was both related to and older than her#. It was fun.

# people think we look nothing alike. Once had the same teacher at the same time for nearly a year before it clicked for her that having seen us with the same parents and having the same last name made it likely we were sisters, lol.


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