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( Oct. 15th, 2012 01:26 am)
* Visited my lil sis this past weekend and ran a 10k together(ish). I finished 20 minutes ahead of her, but it was still fun. Report incoming.

* Also while there, I met her boyfriend(kinda her first) making me the one who had to report on him to the rest of the family, lol. Dude is a giant, 6'2" and not scrawny, and I've found myself describing him as a cowboy!Thor(ish) in appearance and demeanor(granted, only meeting him long enough to have dinner).

* Also, also, went with her and her friend who was also visiting to the Virginia Safari Park, aka her work. She's one of the safari animal people. I got drooled on by a camel, my bucket stolen by a bison, pet all the baby llamas I could, called a blackbuck an asshole, and had all her coworkers be all 'whut' over finding out I was both related to and older than her#. It was fun.

# people think we look nothing alike. Once had the same teacher at the same time for nearly a year before it clicked for her that having seen us with the same parents and having the same last name made it likely we were sisters, lol.
Took the scenic route, aka an accident in the bridge-tunnel added ~3 hours to my drive, to Buena Vista, VA this past weekend to run the Fall Foliage Festival 10k in Waynesboro with my little sister and her friend(not running, just moral support).

Short version: Was cold as fuck. Was fun. PR'd by 2 minutes and 12 seconds, was 5th woman across the finish and 3rd place for women 20-29. Not bad for all the hills that area's got and all the hills my area hasn't got. Sis didn't get under an hour like she'd hoped(5 minutes over), but didn't seem too bummed. So, glad.

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