I had a pretty good day today, for the most part, until I was walking to the bus stop near Haizhu Square to meet up with my cousin and some douchebag stole my iPod. So pissed off, luckily I had a considerable amount of alcohol, a fantastic meal, and good time at the Hash meeting over my cousin's father's, aka my uncle's, place afterward so I'm feeling a little better. Oy.

Woe aside, China's been great. Might end up staying longer than intended, more on that later.

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Damn. I'm sorry some fuckwit stole your Ipod. *shakes fist at fuckwit*

I am really hoping that there will be a lot of pictures. Please? LOL.
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At this point I think I have over 1,000 photos, though I won't be able to post them until I'm back in the States since my cousin's computer doesn't like my memory card. :)

granted, given how photo-taking friendly we got when drunk, a fair number are to be censored out of sharing, but still... lots of photos.

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:/ WTF? That sucks hun *hugs*

Glad the day was slightly salvageable at least


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