It was hiding in Hong Kong.

Until yesterday it didn't really sink in for me just how unreligious mainland China is(for good reason, the government has issues with it). Yet, I spent yesterday in Hong Kong which, while being in China, is governed by a different set of rules, and found that it just seemed to keep popping up.

For example, I kept getting slightly turned around in this one area by Central and my 'oh shit, I've come this way already' point ended up being this big church which had this one priest(?) chilling by the main door who seemed amused whenever he saw me. This worked fine until I ran into another church that I assumed was the same one, despite lack of smirking man, making me lost. Oy. Never would have happened in Guangzhou since there's just the one church over on Shamian Island.

Any who, later on, while taking the metro, I was chatted up for a few stops and handed literature by a Jehovah's Witness, a French-Hong Kongese one at that! He seemed proud to tell me the number of Jehovah's Witness' in the US once he learned where I was from. Then, for noteworthy run-in number three, I was helped in getting to Shenzhen, after missing my train from Kowloon->Guangzhou straight through, by a pastor who lives there. He seemed an okay guy and had an impressive collection of stamps/pages in his passport from going through immigration nearly everyday to get to/from HK. Could have done without his 'You need to accept Jesus into your life to be happy' lines, though I figured it came with the territory for someone who moved to China "for God" and had "Jesus loves you! Amen!" on the back of his card.


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