Haven't posted here much anymore, might try to rectify that.

Lately I've just been... lots of ups and downs and nothing in particular. Have a million little projects I'm working on that make me feel productive yet at the same time I feel stuck and like I need something to happen. Yeah, vague paragraph is vague.

Mostly just distracting myself from the storm going on and being trapped inside right now so, some of which Tumblr folk have already have seen,

Some Artemis.

Cass and Steph

Ponies(some humanized, some ponized humans)

(and a WIP)

Tea-loving octopi.

Got a little carried away with these, so more here!

Korra(and a Bei Fong and some Naga).

and a WIP.

Random(Stephan, Karolina, first mental image of an Oankali, sculpture thing working on).



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