It was an okay birthday.

Woke up, light 3 mile run, hour full-body massage(pre-paid for, so I just had to enjoy it), library for awhile, and dinner at my current favorite restaurant(note to self: don't eat the pepper that comes with the chana masala just because B did). Not much in gifts, getting older and all that, but those I did get were of the giftcard variety, which I like, my hobbies and interests tend to make it hard for me to tell someone who isn't into the same thing what I want and not worry about them overpaying or having to really hunt for it due to lack of knowledge.

For the rest of the day, zombie books and tea bath(and probably some drawing and cleaning). Was going to go dancing, but the weekend is way better so... later.

Hope everyone else who had a birthday today, know a few, had a fantastic day and that everyone else's was pretty swell too. ;p


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