* Rizzles has taken over my life, don't send help. Lol, seriously though, this fandom is so full of lesbian, it's just wonderful.

* That aside, excluding reading fanfics(which, some of those things are so long I almost wanna count them), updated my read list for the year. Have a lot of unread books to get through, though recs always welcome! Also, discussion of anything on the list!

* Ran 15 miles for the first time in awhile today, just 5(might just push it for 22 instead) more until I'll consider myself "ready" for the marathon. Plan an 18mi long run this coming week, 14mi the week after, then at least 20mi followed by tapering. Given how, aside from hungry and tired, I didn't feel too torn down by today's run, I'm feeling pretty good and like I'll actually be able to do this! :D

* I suddenly want a tortoise.

...again. When I was little I'd try to smuggle the baby ones from my grandmother's house. She always seemed to have a few(owned a pet store) at any given time.

* Why are SkyFlakes, the best, not sold everywhere(or, at least some type of scallion-type crackers)? Always good.
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