* I'm still kinda reeling from the election results. Was so stressed and then... bam! So many good things and Romney lost! and yay!

* Picked up my packet. Feels more real, I'm running my first marathon Sunday! Scared and excited, but more excited than scared, so I think I can do this!

* Last Thursday I learned my limit on how much bigger a person can be than me before I can't pick up/fireman carry them(well, pick them up AND do anything more than stand there, trying not to fall). Failed buddy squats, lol.

* Just watched Prometheus with [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy, it was soooo bad. Idek.

From: [identity profile] mahasin.livejournal.com

The whole Alien pregnancy thing is just so horrible to me, in any movie ever.

But I also just have this thing about pregnancy in general so I think I'm over sensitive.
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From: [identity profile] gargoylekitty.livejournal.com

Yeah, it never fails to make me cringe. Bursting bellies and "get this fucking thing out of me!"ness, ugh.

I mean, it just takes my tokophobia(or whatever you wanna call it) and brings up the level of "I can't" to an unbearable degree.

From: [identity profile] mahasin.livejournal.com

Wait, there's a name for what I feel, I honestly had no idea. It's not so much that I'm afraid of pregnancy, but the actual birthing process UGH, and I've seen three babies actually born and cut one umbilical cord and I'm still like 'nope, not for me, not ever thanks'.

Randomly you just made me feel SO much more normal.
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From: [identity profile] gargoylekitty.livejournal.com

I'm kinda the same way, maybe, horror babies aside, pregnancy doesn't tend to get too much to me, especially up to ~6 months, but can't deal with the whole birthing(natural or c-section) at all. I mean, I'm kinda bad enough about it that when talking to someone they were all "well, you're gay so you could always have your girlfriend have it" and I was just "as if having someone I care enough about to have a child with going through childbirth wouldn't also freak me out beyond belief?" I'd be a mess.

Also, yeah, I refuse to believe it's a super-uncommon fear at the very least.


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